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Keybird lightweight, protable acoustic piano


A Lightweight Acoustic Piano

Keybird Instruments IVS

The company was founded in January 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Innovation Fund Denmark funded our first steps within product development. We aim to create an affordable, portable acoustic piano for people of all ages. 

We are based in Copenhagen, in a place called Hall of the Odd, amongst other companies doing their thing within woodworking, events, music, scenography and more. The ideal setting for our project and our early stage of development.

In case you would like to become a "Keybird pioneer" and play the Keybird piano before product launch, please feel free to contact us and hear more about the possibilities.

Email: info@keybird-instruments.com

Phone: +45 60 5331 51
Raffinaderivej 20F, 2300 Copenhagen

Who are we?

A small group of 6 people (3 full time), bringing together skills from mechanical engineering, industrial design, traditional piano building, wood technology, production and musicology. 

Core Values 


We respect the generations of piano building tradition, we learn from the proven methods and acknowledge our modest position.


Transparency is demonstrated by setting realistic expectations and communicating clearly.


Efficiency can be seen in our focus on utilising labour saving and quality enhancing methods to produce a better product at a more affordable price.


The lightweight nature and easy transportation of the piano reduces unnecessary CO2 emissions. In addition we only use sustainable materials that are good for our planet in our piano.


Integrity is demonstrated by standing by any claims we make and admitting when we fall short of our own expectations.

Sustainable Development Goals 

Good Health & Well-Being

Playing acoustic piano provides a way to relax and release tensions and stress from an often busy digital world. 

Decent work & Economic Growth 

By opening new segments of the stringed keyboard instrument markets, we create economic growth and attempt to generate well-being at work.

Responsible Consumption & Production

Our efforts in sourcing materials locally and sustainably are a large part of our design philosophy, accompanied by our goal to produce locally.

Quality Education 

By offering challenging internships we help students deepen their understanding and skills in relevant areas. We also believe in the cognitive development that can come from learning piano.

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

It's our daily goal and occupation to contribute to the piano industry through innovation.

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A Lightweight Acoustic Piano

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