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Keybird lightweight, protable acoustic piano


A Lightweight Acoustic Piano

Lightweight portable acoustic piano

It all began in the summer of 2012...

Our founder Lander Pinson was living on a farm near the Danish Technical University, where he attended his mechanical engineering classes every day. In the evening he would look for opportunities to play piano... only, his living space was quite small and had quite some stairs to reach it.

From his earlier experience with tuning and servicing pianos, he remembered the pleasing sound of a piano hammer hitting a single string instead of 3 strings. He found a conventional upright piano available for little money (due to people moving out and not having the resources to take their piano with them), cut out the middle section of the sound-body, kept 4 octaves of the keys and assembled these to the smaller sound-body with a custom steel frame, welded from some scrap metal. The result is shown in the video below.

The major conclusion? Don't underestimate the total tension that piano strings exert on the frame. It actually compares to the weight of several cars.

The result? A small acoustic piano with one string per key, tuned 3 half tones lower compared to conventional pitch (hency the sound somewhat comparable to a Rhodes piano).

Portable acoustic piano
portable acoustic piano
portable acoustic piano

You can also find answers to some questions on our FAQ page.

If we caught your attention, you can do us big favour by sharing your ideas on your perfect piano in our Survey.

From that point on the idea was set to further explore the possibilities of sound and weight reduction for a piano. The next step was to build one from scratch. A design from the end of 2014 is shown below.

Up until this point, everything was just a hobby. In summer 2018 the idea became serious and financial help was found for to develop the idea professionally (full time). The Keybird Instruments company was founded in the beginning of 2019. From here Lander has gathered a small team to help realise this project. 

Right now, we are now extending our beta program and releasing the first version of our Keybird to the world. It produces a tone that is both warm and delicate, perfect for playing at home. Meanwhile we are developing a silent option, so that you can play with headphones as well, along with optimizing the instrument in general.


A Lightweight Acoustic Piano

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