The Idea
Keybird lightweight, protable acoustic piano


A Lightweight Acoustic Piano

The Idea Behind The Keybird Piano

According to our research, nine out of ten piano enthusiasts prefer the sound of an acoustic piano over the sound of the digital piano.

However, when presented with the choice between an acoustic piano and a digital piano, 

The majority still choose to purchase a digital piano.


We see 4 reasons:

Price, size, weight and the option to play with headphones.

We feel that the acoustic piano is slowly disappearing from people's homes, simply due to those practical reasons.

Admittedly, digital pianos have many advantages like price, versatility and flexibility.

Yet even the best digital piano cannot match the relaxing effect of playing acoustically. The feeling of playing an acoustic piano that responds to all subtleties has not been caught into algorithms yet, and probably never will be.

Because of the enthusiasm towards the sound of an acoustic piano, we see it as our mission to combine the practical advantages of a digital piano with real acoustic sound in order to get the best of both worlds.

Our strive for developing a lightweight and portable acoustic piano has forced us to think outside of the box when it comes to design.

Thus, we automatically open the spectrum for different sound characteristics. It is also known as “timbre”, which creates more diversity in the world of acoustic pianos.  

The typical acoustic piano sound has been channeled to sound very similar across all manufacturers for the last many decades. We know from the process of prototyping our lightweight acoustic piano that there are some other possibilities to reach a pleasing sound.

It is, therefore, our ambition to explore these other possible sound characters, which are very similar to the sound of an acoustic piano we got used to it.

We optimized the tone with a focus on the warm and intimate sound that ideal for playing piano at home.

Lightweight portable acoustic piano

How can Keybird empower people to play the acoustic piano?

Our goal is to make the acoustic piano more accessible - we hope to achieve this by focusing our efforts on optimizing transportability, compactness and affordability. In short, we want to bring diversity and accessibility to the world of acoustic pianos and provide an opportunity for the many people - beginners and experienced players alike - with an ambition to play piano.

The upright acoustic piano we created only takes 0.5 square meters of living space and fits in nearly every car. Our design efforts focus on the high quality of sound for an affordable price so that we can bring acoustic pianos into more people's lives.

6 Features of a Keybird Piano

Lightweight, portable acoustic piano. Good Sound quality and best piano for beginners and advanced piano users.


A Lightweight Acoustic Piano

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