Keybird founder Lander Pinson explains how to quick tune your Keybird out of the box.

Use your tuning lever (delivered with your Keybird) to quick tune the Keybird X1. After moving the Keybird, receiving it for the first time, or if it hasn’t been tuned often, this is the very first step to do.

Steps to quick tune your Keybird X1:

  • Using your tuning lever, starting from A4 (440Hz) and moving upwards (to the right) tune all the notes a bit higher, around the right side of the green area
    • Tuning up is clockwise, tuning down is anti-clockwise
    • Be gentle-otherwise strings may break!
    • Remember the beer tap motion to tune down, pulling the tuning lever towards you
  • When you’re done with the top of the keyboard, go back to A4, and make your way down the same way
  • F3 and below (copper wound strings) – start to tune the notes exactly, not higher
  • F2 and below – start to stretch the tuning down to just below the green zone (each note gradually lower and lower in the green)

Yay, well done, now on to fine tuning!