Our idea

In the 21st century, digital pianos and virtual instruments have taken the world by storm - and for good reason. They offer practical advantages, and are often much cheaper than traditional pianos. However, even the most advanced digital pianos cannot fully replace the feel and sonic characteristics of an acoustic piano … That is why we have dedicated ourselves to creating a piano that combines the practical advantages of a digital piano with the real acoustic experience - in order to get the best of both worlds.

Our strengths

Compact and transportable
Thanks to its light weight and size, our piano will fit easily into any space, and you will be able to move it whenever you want. Are you an artist? Your Keybird can join you on travels.

We designed this instrument to be in the lowest price segment of acoustic pianos without compromising on sound quality. You can tune your Keybird yourself in approximately 15 minutes, which significantly reduces the maintenance costs.

Minimalist design
Based in Scandinavia, our product is inspired by minimalist furniture design, strongly following the form “follows function” principle. Your piano may become a decorative element for your home..

Our story

Everything started when Lander Pinson was studying composition at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent (Belgium), when he got interested in the theory behind tuning and the inside of pianos. Along with other interests such as sustainability and mobility, he decided to go study Engineering Design in Denmark. While living in a small room on an ecological farm near the university, he noticed that he really missed playing acoustic piano (or any type of acoustic instrument with piano keys). So he started to wonder about possibilities to play “acoustic keys”, which could fit his room (stairs, space). This is where the idea for Keybird originates. He adopted an old acoustic piano, cut out the middle section of the sound-body and reassembled a more compact and lightweight version.

Our future

As of today, we aspire to continuously challenge our value proposition to meet your needs. In the first step, this means improving our product and expanding our solution pallet. Our mission is to make acoustic keyboard instruments accessible to everyone, and to make them as easy as possible to use, regardless of the environment in which you live. In the near future, we want to be increasingly present near you, so you can actually feel and hear for yourself. Stay tuned to follow our attempt to revolutionize the options you have to play acoustic keyboard instruments..

3 Sustainable Development Goals we help achieve.

Good Health & Well-Being

Playing acoustic piano provides a way to relax and release tensions and stress from an often busy digital world.

Quality Education

We believe in the cognitive development that can come from learning piano. We aim to make it easier to teach music on acoustic piano. Last but not least, we offer internship opportunities for students around the world in different areas such as production, engineering, business etc…

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

It's our daily goal and occupation to contribute to the piano industry through innovation.

Our values



We respect the generations of piano building tradition, learning from the proven methods and acknowledging our modest position.



Transparency is demonstrated by setting realistic expectations and communicating clearly.



Efficiency can be seen in our focus on utilising labour saving and quality enhancing methods to produce a better product at a more affordable price.



The lightweight nature and easy transportation of the piano reduces unnecessary CO2 emissions.



Integrity is demonstrated by standing by any claims we make and admitting when we fall short of our own expectations.



We are dedicated to innovation, always looking for new ways of thinking and doing to bring the acoustic piano back into people’s homes.