A lightweight acoustic piano

Our mission is to bring diversity and accessibility to the world of acoustic pianos.

Best of both worlds.

We have created an acoustic piano that combines convenience and affordability — without compromising its sonic quality and feel. It’s light as a feather but sings like a bird.

High quality. Low price.

Our goal is to offer an acoustic piano that is more practical and affordable than other acoustic pianos — and different from what everyone is used to.

Innovation & Tradition

We continuously look for ways to reimagine and redesign the acoustic piano, while maintaining traditional solutions that have proven their reliability for hundreds of years.

A Keybird in action

Easily transportable...

... simply everywhere!

Optional addons for your Keybird


Transforms the unique Keybird sound into an even warmer and intimate sound. A thin fabric goes between the hammers and the strings. Using Velcro, the felt bar is customizable, if you prefer your own textile.

Helpinstill pickups

This magnetic strip pickup system is installed behind the strings, so you can amplify the string vibration. Much like a microphone picks up sound waves, this pickup picks up string vibrations directly, meaning that this amplification system is not picking up any sound from the environment. Like this, you will not get any microhone feedback in amplified live performances.

MIDI system

A hidden electronic "key movement sensing system" under the keys, with optical sensors, providing MIDI output to connect to your computer or app, to record songs for example. The current solution even offers you the option to connect you headphones and ply almost entirely silent.

Why Addons

These addons are available in our shop. Their sole purpose is to add to the fascination of acoustic pianos. If you need a digital piano for example, please buy a digital piano instead. If you most of the time play acoustic, but need something more once a while, these things may help you. Our mission remains to make it easier to play acoustic. We do this by keeping price, size, and weight as low as possible. _