A lightweight acoustic piano.

Keybird X1 piano
Keybird X1 piano front

Compact & lightweight.


  • Width


  • Height


  • Depth


  • Weight


Modular design.

The Keybird can be separated into a Soundbody and Keybed, enabling it to be easily dismantled and transported. Our pianos are designed in Denmark with a focus on high quality and functionality – at an affordable price.

Keybird modular design disassembled
Keyframe of the Keybird X1

69 full-size keys.

Traditional wooden keys that deliver an authentic acoustic piano experience. The Keybird ranges from E1 to C7, encompassing 5,7 octaves and all your essential keys.

100% acoustic sound.

The Keybird produces a warm and delicate tone, characterized by its long strings and distinctive one-string-per-key design. It features a classic action mechanism, the workings of which have proven their reliability since the 19th century.

Intimate sound.

Here is an improvisation by Simon Eskildsen.

Allthough a Keybird can be used for any music style, improvisation seems to come quite natural due to the “openness” of the instrument.

Pedal of the Keybird X1

Sustain pedal.

The sustain pedal provides comfortable resistance and spring when pressed, for precise control when playing. The cable uniquely runs through the right leg of the piano, all the way up to the dampers.

The Keybird in action

An intimate concert on the Keybird X1

Easily transportable...

... simply everywhere!

Quick tuning

Fine tuning