We now offer the X1 with the optional pickup system from Helpinstill built in! This provides an opportunity to amplify the string sound in a live or recording setting with for example drums, add effects etc.

There are two magnetic strips, one for the middle and high notes, as shown on the picture above, and one for the bass notes, as shown on the picture below.

Distance from the strings:

the further the distance is from the strings, the more realisticly it sounds like a piano, but the weaker the signal gets. So the ideal position between 6 and 7 mm behind the strings.

Going experimental..

So, moving further to the possibilities that are opened to us through the digitalization of the sound, we hooked up some digital signal processing in the form of guitar pedal emulations in our recording device (Zoom), and these are the different sounds we got:

Stay tuned and look out for more audio experiments with the Keybird x Helpinstill!